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David Crawford Law

San Diego Attorney

Hiring an attorney is a big step. When something significant is happening with your business or personal circumstances, good counsel is essential. My main goal is to keep things as simple as possible and give my clients the guidance they need to make good decisions. Through my 30 years’ experience as a lawyer, I have found that it is in everyone’s best interest to find practical, common sense solutions.


While some cases are complicated and take hard work, many problems can be solved or mitigated with a few good choices.  I look for the good choices first before utilizing legal remedies.


I grew up in California and have been practicing law in San Diego for over 30 years with a focus on Business Formation, Real Estate Law and Dispute Resolutions. I am looking for clients that I can have a great business relationship with and who appreciate how I can assist them.  I am always happy to schedule a meeting or have a telephone conference to see if we are a good match.



Business Formation


A lot of my work has to do with business formation, whether that means creating an LLC, partnership, corporation or maintaining a sole proprietorship. While every business is different, often my advice to new business owners is to focus on establishing their business before creating a complicated legal structure. Young business owners with limited capital and time need to prioritize their resources. I like to give them a simple business structure until liability, tax and co-ownership concerns warrant more complicated protections. I can usually determine the best set up for your new or existing business with a quick chat. For new clients, a 20-minute free consultation will help determine the best plan moving forward.


Real Estate


Real estate and business interests go together. Real property needs proper ownership, management and financing. And when real property is bought or sold, leased or co-owned, agreements are needed between the parties. Sometimes, a review of escrow documents, title reports and title insurance policies is needed. I routinely provide these services to my clients.




In addition, when disputes arise between competitors, lenders, renters and co-owners and negotiations and practical solutions fail, an experienced trial attorney is needed. I have been trying cases in both state and federal court since the early 1980’s. I look for remedies with a high probability of success and can help you successfully resolve a dispute as early as possible. We will start with an assessment of your case and a plan of action. You will then be kept informed, given practical advice to advance your position and honest answers about the merits of your case. I will help you through the process, and together we will find a positive outcome.

Additional Services


  • Trusts and Wills
  • Business sales
  • Appeals


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Call or email David Crawford Law to schedule an appointment, or with any questions regarding our services.